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Re: gum "stain" with zero exposure... etc.

And a PS: When I run the world, I will forbid anyone to take up gum printing after they've done platinum (unless they have a brain purge inbetween), because it seems to me from descriptions on the list that folks attempt to print gum with the same kinds of precise/rigid controls and minute variations they learned in platinum. In this I believe they defeat the medium of gum, which begs to be handled freely... Yes, it will tolerate such handling, as it's very good natured, but my feeling to date is that the potential and scope of the medium is thereby muffled at best, lost at worst. (I mean if you want to make a C-print, call Kodak, or get an inkjet.)


Well, I nearly passed a PBJ sandwich through my nose when I read this...yes, gum is not for the anal-retentive, that's for sure. Is there a workshop for brain purging at the Formulary this fall?

And damn that Keith Taylor and his recent publicity for making us all think that the gum c-print is possible, when we should be taking Richard Benson to heart and realizing that gum can't do fine detail!

The dilemma, dichotomy and dichromate of it all...but alas, I digress.