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RE: haunted GUM (i surrender)

FWIW, I think phritz has a problem with hardening as well. Chrome alum takes a really long time to harden gelatin. Some report 7 to 8 days to fully cross link with a 3-5% solution. I think Ryuji Suzuki mentioned once that it is the least effective hardener to use.


And BTW, I agree with Judy – let’s trim those posts!


Don Bryant


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Yes! Now that Christine and Loris mentioned it, I remember once using paper that I had coated with gelatine but not hardened (it was paper originally meant for oilprint). I forgot that it was not hardened and made a gum on it. The result was more or less the same as Phritz gets. All black.

Some papers can be used without sizing at all, but it seems to me that coating with gelatine and 'not' hardening doesn't work.


Tom Sobota