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Re: Gum tonal range (was Miracle size for gum)

Katharine wrote:

Not sure why you thought your last paragraph would antagonize gum printers; I agree with it completely. I've always said that in any one gum printing you can have either drama or subtlety, but not both; my recommendation on my page on gum and tonality is that if you want your print to have a longer tonal range with subtle gradations throughout the range, the only way to do it, really, is by multiple printings. Gum printers understood that a hundred years ago, and it's still true.
I've hit nerves in the past when my comments about the relatively limited reflection DR and nonlinear transfer function of gum (compared to the "more literal" processes) have been taken as value judgments against the process, or against the artistic vision that can be expressed with it. So now I'm careful to at least try to counter that by preface.

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