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Re: caparol: finally a success!!

Hmmm, I'm less thrilled now...

Did you add pumice and/or carbonate into the glue?


2009/10/16 Keith Gerling <keith.gerling@gmail.com>:
> Good for you!!  I'll be interested in hearing how this works on wood.  I
> tried PVA on wood panels and I get decent-sized bubbles all over the surface
> - as if water must be getting under the PVA - it does subside after a day
> (probably sinks into the wood) but leaves ugly (albeit small) blemished on
> the surface.
> I was very excited at first.  Highlights cleared very quickly, but then the
> process slowed down to normal.  The really bad news was revealed when the
> picture dried.  Glossy.  Horrible ugly cloying gloss.  I hate it.  How is
> the surface on your prints?
> ...