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Re: caparol: finally a success!!

loris, keith,

nothing added (yet) except water.
in the right (wrong!) light there is some gloss in the 1+1 strip, but i can't see any in the 1+5.
i will start with a 3-color gum today and we'll see how this first real test comes out.


Loris Medici schrieb:
Hmmm, I'm less thrilled now...

Did you add pumice and/or carbonate into the glue?


2009/10/16 Keith Gerling <keith.gerling@gmail.com>:

Good for you!! I'll be interested in hearing how this works on wood. I
tried PVA on wood panels and I get decent-sized bubbles all over the surface
- as if water must be getting under the PVA - it does subside after a day
(probably sinks into the wood) but leaves ugly (albeit small) blemished on
the surface.

I was very excited at first. Highlights cleared very quickly, but then the
process slowed down to normal. The really bad news was revealed when the
picture dried. Glossy. Horrible ugly cloying gloss. I hate it. How is
the surface on your prints?