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Re: caparol: finally a success!!

thanks for the tip. a few hours after the test strips, i remembered the youtube video that was posted earlier and the foam roller.
i will definitely get one, next time i'm in a hardware store.
today i got a good, smooth sizing with two simple painter's brushes. smaller for application and very thick one for smoothing.
the yellow layer (1st) of a 3-color gum printed beautiful and developed effortless (despite large white areas). the size was 1+4.

on the other hand when i sized over an older gelatin size and two passes of gum, the coat flaked horribly and washed off with the slightest touch of a jet of water. i guess the pva does not like to be coated over (hardened) gelatin.

i'm looking forward to making my first try with canvas tomorrow. it's currently drying.


Marek Matusz schrieb:
Glad that you got your gum groove back. As far as even coating, nothing beats a foam roller. Spread the emulsion with a brush and then roll with a dense foam roller. This has an advantage of being able to get thinner layers, by running the foam roller over fresh paper towel to clean it and then rolling it over the print you can take some emulsion out