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Re: My own PVA glue sizing experience (preliminary)

It's helpful to me Loris. It looks like you could get away with a more dilute application doesn't it? I would love to see how it holds up to three or four coats. Let us know how you get on. Many thanks

On Oct 21 2009, Loris Medici wrote:

I've tried the a local Caparol product "Fil-fix", which according to
the product information sheet is "a PVAc dispersion wood
furniture/cardboard/paper glue which dries to form a strong, flexible
and transparent film". I diluted the glue 1+2 with water. It was a
quick-n-dirty step table test just to get a feeling about the new
sizing. See notes below:

- Dried surface is glossy but not too much. Wasn't objectionable to me
but it's definitely more shiny compared to the virgin surface. Can say
that it's slightly more shiny than 3% formalin hardened sizing (yes,
gelatin sizing also makes the paper shiny, albeit in a different
manner). Also, the dried surface is considerably more gritty compared
to the non-sized portions (good for gum I presume since it means more
texture to cling on).
- Application of coating solution wasn't easy, the sensitizer tended
to bead and form small fisheyes. Anyway, I was able to even it by
using an extra smoothing brush. I normally use a single smoothing
brush, this surface required two (because the first one got
- Development and the result was normal except for the fact that parts
of the image that got no or very little exposure (specular highlights)
dissolved and left the surface in a snap. (Usually it takes 5-10
minutes...) Read as "very effective pigment stain inhibitor".
- Wet gum emulsion is not more vulnerable than what it is on a surface
with conventional sizing. It behaves pretty much in the same manner.
Haven't tried to print a second layer, I just manipulated the
developing print with a pretty stiff brush, harshly.
- In general my experience was positive. I'll try it diluted 1+3 or
even 1+5 later; hoping to get a less glossy surface / facilitate

Hope this helps, somehow!