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RE: My own PVA glue sizing experience (preliminary)

David, yes I feel so. Unfortunately my dimroom is a mess right now (I'm
about to move), therefore I can't elaborate further. (I may not be able to
print for a couple of weeks.) In case you want to try it yourself the full
product name is "Fil-fix Şeffaf" (şeffaf = transparent in Turkish), ask
specifically for this one. (Fil-fix is a product family name actually.)
Istanbul price for the 750g container is TRY 8.50 (~ GBP 3.50, USD 5.80).
See the label for production date; it keeps only 1 year unopened, under
ideal conditions. BTW, the odor is agreeable and it doesn't change the color
of the surface. (It's white when applying it, then it becomes transparent
when dry.)



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It's helpful to me Loris. It looks like you could get away with a more
dilute application doesn't it? I would love to see how it holds up to three
or four coats. Let us know how you get on. Many thanks