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Re: printer recommendations?

Hi Phritz,
I just bought an epson R1400 A3 printer from amazon. I don't care about using OEM ink as they are not particularly good at UV blocking. I got a litre of ink and the printer for less than 300 GBP. I will only use it for digital negatives so I wanted the smoothest tonal transitions promised by a dye based inkset type printer.
I think the P50 uses the same print head as the 1400 and the same ink but is a4 and a third the price.
I very nearly bought the r800 but the inks are far too expensive for me.
I think you are very lucky to get 10 years from a printer regardless of ink type!!!


On Oct 23 2009, phritz phantom wrote:

hi all,

i'm unfortunately in the market for a new printer. right when i way
almost done with testing for the correct color for my negatives, the
printhead died. the gum woes have kept me from replacing it until now- i
didn't feel like thinking about a new printer, if i can't produce
anything useful anyway. well, this is the end for my 10year old canon
ip3000. i blame the cheap second party inks.

i have zero experience with other printers. the new printer will pretty
much only be used for digital negatives and an occasional text document
every now and then. well, i was actually satisfied with the old canon,
but since the whole alt. community recommends epson, i think i'll go
with one of these. "epson stylus photo" is the model to go with, i
guess? if i stick with A4 maximum size, would the "p50" be good enough?
or are there big advantages with the "r800"?
i'd rather go a little cheaper now and save the big money for a A3
printer some time in the future.

i'd love to go for a a3 printer now, but right now is not a good time
for big investments for me. i could maybe go for the cheapest epson A3,
the "r1900", but i'm hesitant to buy the cheapest one of the
A3-printers. the "hp photosmart pro b8550" (A3) costs less than 300euro.
this would be an option. does some have experience with diginegs and "hp
vivera" inks? the canon "ip9000" series would be equally cheap.
but all things considered - A3 would have additional costs, like i'd
have to build a new exposure unit, finding bigger transparencies...etc
-, i think i'll most likely stay with A4 for now and go for a good epson

any help from people with more printer knowledge than me would be
greatly appreciated. especially how the different inks work for
diginegs. for the other things i could check the printer tests, but info
on printing transparencies is sparse.

thanks a bunch