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Re: printer recommendations?

hi paul and david,
thanks for the answers

this is the difference between the "p50" (cheap) and the "r800" (expensive- 3x the price): the first one uses "claria ink" and the second one the ultrachrome ones. do the ultrachrome inks print well on overhead transparencies? i don't have a source nor the money for pictorio.

am i getting this right? you don't use the original epson ink, but one from a different manufacturer? are you injecting the ink into the empty original cartridges with a syringe? and does this mean the "claria inks" aren't good for printing negatives?

the "p50" is very tempting price-wise.


davidhatton@totalise.co.uk schrieb:
Hi Phritz,
I just bought an epson R1400 A3 printer from amazon. I don't care about using OEM ink as they are not particularly good at UV blocking. I got a litre of ink and the printer for less than 300 GBP. I will only use it for digital negatives so I wanted the smoothest tonal transitions promised by a dye based inkset type printer.
I think the P50 uses the same print head as the 1400 and the same ink but is a4 and a third the price.
I very nearly bought the r800 but the inks are far too expensive for me.
I think you are very lucky to get 10 years from a printer regardless of ink type!!!