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Re: My own PVA glue sizing experience (attn: marek + the gum woesagain)

yes! great idea.
i have a pack of marble dust (same thing, iirc) around! i bought it for mixing with gesso, but results were not too good, better than without though. completely forgot about it. thanks for the reminding me.
and i can totally understand you. i get wet eyes a lot, when i look at the prices in the usa.

regarding humidity,
since you know a lot more about the subject than me,
do you think a change in weather (from a normal, sunny autumn day, to a rainy day) could change the humidity within my apartment in a way that it affects the drying of the gum emulsion?
iirc, you humidify your paper before coating and/ or printing?


Loris Medici schrieb:
Try to add calcium carbonate powder into the glue. Maybe that will
make something usable? It works for acrylic gesso (with some
reservations)... I may switch to PVAc glue if that works for me; PVAc
glue is considerably cheaper than acrylic gesso to me. May not be so
for others; art materials are usually priced high here in Istanbul.
For instance, they sell an A3+ sheet of my favourite inkjet paper for
USD 10, can you believe that!? The paper is Hahnemuehle Photo Rag
Ultrasmooth BTW... I tried to tell them (the product manager at the
distributor office) that they can't penetrate the market with those
prices but it was like talking to a wall...

2009/10/23 phritz phantom <phritz-phantom@web.de>:

caparol 1+4 on primed canvas and wood (a layer of white acrylic primer
beneath) did print fine, but the exposed gum had nothing to adhere to and
washed off completely. the situation was a little better on the canvas than
on the wood.
maybe this is interesting to someone