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Re: printer recommendations?

Hi David, thanks. The 17"x100' roll price is very good. That roll will
make 106 sheets at 17x11.33" (~ 43x29cm) size; roughly TRY 1.82 per
sheet... But they don't ship overseas!? :(

Can you help me ordering from them? (Private please...)


2009/10/25  <davidhatton@totalise.co.uk>:
> Hi Loris,
> I get mine here
> http://www.revolutiontransfers.co.uk/products.php?cat=229
> They have a sale on at the moment on selectjet. They have your favourite
> photo rag too :)
> Regards
> David
> On Oct 24 2009, Loris Medici wrote:
> AFAIK Agfa is Pictorico coating (exactly) on a different (thinner
> and/or more transparent) base. They behave pretty much the same down
> to grain structure. They're not much different in pricing too...
> David, where do you buy your agfa selectjet/copyjet? Buying Pictorico
> from the US is too expensive to me and I'm getting low in stock...