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ooops, sorry
i wanted to change the header of the mail and blindly hit "strg + v" and didn't check.
i'm glad it's nothing more embarrassing than that.
"to yield" is one of those annoying english words that can mean almost everything and i can never remember it.


phritz phantom schrieb:
hi christina,
one question about your experiment:
how were the two vessels kept? as i understood, one was out in the open, the other one kept in the dark. covered with a lid?
in about a week, i'd expect a lot of evaporation. and if one was kept in the open, the other one in some kind of small space (a cupboard or box), the difference in the ambience (mostly because of the difference in humidity in the air, i think) could make for a noticeable difference in evaporation.


Christina Anderson schrieb:
I have, Keith. I did an experiment a while ago that I photographed. I put it on my website here:


Feel free to draw your own conclusions, or not :)