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Re: printer recommendations? also "printer" thread, Vivera inks,agfa CopyJet

Wow, impressive. 1400 and QTR together should make a nice digineg machine then.

Phritz, I don't know how 1400 and B9180 prices compare in your market
but I would go for 1400 *if I ONLY need it for making diginegs* and
B9180 *if I ALSO want perfect / durable positive prints*. B&W and
color prints from my B9180 are just perfect, better than anything else
I have seen before. As Jean noted it's pretty good for diginegs too,
but somehow more grainy than my old dye based 1290. (Acceptable to me.
May not be so for others... But please note that I'm pretty picky; so,
if it doesn't bother me, it's probably fine for many.) OTOH, I don't
get banding (in smooth hightlights) with my B9180 after 2 years of use
(albeit light!), but Epsons (comment limited to cheap ones) will
eventually show banding. Sometimes negligible / sometimes unacceptable
- depending on your luck. So beware; you may start cheap but don't
overlook the probability of paying more in the long run. (= By
replacing the printer early, an addition to what Don said about ink
costs...) B9180's carts are have bigger capacity than cheap Epson
printers' carts, but not too much. And if you don't keep the printer
clean you end up spending more for cleaning cycles instead of actual


2009/11/1 Clay <wcharmon@wt.net>:
> FWIW, I am in the middle of calibrating a 1400 with the Claria inks right
> now. When I ran the QTR ink separation page, the inks all blocked quite a
> bit of UV. The difficulty is that anything over about 60% ink on most of the
> colors will slide right off the Pictorico. But 60% black ink has a UV
> density of 3.55! I would say that blocks quite a bit of UV.
> "Let it be said that Epson makes really good inks. For the most part they
> block ultra violet light (UV) much better than aftermarket inks but they are
> also four or five times the cost. At $80-$100 a fill it gets expensive quite
> quickly to anyone on a limited budget such as starving artist wannabe like
> myself. Apparently, some of the "newer" Epson inks (the R1400?) don't block
> ink like the old Epson inks, this could be a potentially big problem for
> some people who are trying to make digital negatives using their current
> methods.