[Alt-photo-process-list] Few points about the new list...

Loris Medici mail at loris.medici.name
Fri Dec 4 15:22:45 GMT 2009

Hi Gord,

1. Some messages (more than 50%) have a small .txt attachment which is
annoying. It's probably due people posting in .html format. Can't we set the
list to only accept text messages? (Or better, automatically change the
format the messages to .txt.)

2. Can't we drop:
    a. The list prefix "[Alt-photo-process-list]" from message subjects?
(That will present more information to the user - on the mail header view
screen in the mail client.)
    b. The constant signature/suffix in the bottom of messages? (It's an
extra burden to clear it and also it's a useless overhead in the message


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