[alt-photo] Re: BLEEDIN' PT/PD PRINTS

Christina Anderson zphoto at montana.net
Wed Dec 16 14:19:17 GMT 2009

Hi Bob,
Never done it but in my notes Michael Kravit added 2 drops per 5ml solution to stop bleeding.  I'm actually not sure why, when I was having such a tough time with bleeding, I did not try this technique.  It would have been a good test variable.

When the bleeding occurs it is so disturbing, too--you have this nice print going, and then all of a sudden your highlight areas get all messed up.  Even when soaking face down it still dulled the print it seemed.

Christina Z. Anderson

On Dec 16, 2009, at 5:24 AM, BOB KISS wrote:

> 	Thanks for that great parable.
> 	I use 2 drops of PVA in enough soln to coat an 11X14 sheet of COT
> 320.  Good or bad?
> 			BOB

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