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Susan, it is a bad idea to post replies w/o trimming down daily digests.
(That's reason 1. Reason 2 - of why I don't like digests - is we have lost
the subject now...)

You can find a great a deal of information on salt prints in sites like
Alternativephotography.com, Unblinkingeye.com, and via Google. I think it's
better to ask specific questions here; your question is too general. What
exactly do you want to know about salt printing/salt prints?


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Hi everyone,

I am receiving the mail- is ok?

I think that it depends on how much brush marks that are either too close to
the paper's edge and then cropping closer onto the coated area might be
prettier but to make a point, leaving brush marks sure sets the image apart
from all the digital prints that are out "there".

BTW, anyone know how to make salted prints? Would appreciate some help.


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