[alt-photo] Re: AUUGGHH... Restarting and new decisions... Need advise. (and HP 9180)

Jean Daubas jean.daubas at wanadoo.fr
Thu Dec 31 18:16:37 GMT 2009

Hi Trevor , and all !

I know that there are plenty of Epson printers users on this list and I'm sure they are happy with it.
You are asking questions about the HP B9180; as a very satisfied owner of this model, bought in 2006, I can sincerely ensure you of its amazing quality : I do all my art work on it , especially printing my digital negatives on Agfa Copy jet or Permajet  transparencies; I also printed and exhibited brilliant color prints and... i even printed black and white prints with it which I would have thought i would never do, knowing my passion and my degree of requirement for quality  built from 40 years of fine art printing in the "wet" darkroom.
I really enjoy this printer and its auto daily maintenance allows for almost no problems of clogged nozzles...  But mind, it requires careful manipulation and regular cleaning of the NEDD part.
In any case (the same for Epson), my digital printing learning curve has been long and difficult and it took me real efforts to produce the exact results I wanted  (so many factors : papers, ICC profiles, monitor calibration, software -Lightroom-, etc.).

I still do alll my art work using film : a lot of medium format (Rollei SL66), large format (4x5" and 5x7") or, as does Diana, regular large format pinhole with hand made cameras...

My scanner is a flat bed Epson 4990 photo which could probably be improved by the more recent models but which gives good and satisfying results when used carefully with some "post-scanning" work on the computer!

I believe that Loris Medici also owns a HP 9180; he could probably give some comments about this choice.

And now, I'm going to drink some good wine with a lot of hope for the next 10 years  (Peace and Love remain my preferred words) 
and very special thoughts for all of you, my alt -process buddies !
Let 2010 be a year full of beautiful prints and pleasure for you,

Alternative cheers from france and happy new year!

From: Trevor Cunningham 
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  Subject: [alt-photo] Re: AUUGGHH... Restarting and new decisions... Need advise.


  Your post was a breath of fresh air! I've recently put my Mamiya up on a 
  shelf in lieu of Nikon digital gear (although I have had a Sekor lens in 
  my bag which has more recently been replaced by a Tamron 90mm 2.8 
  [amazing lens]). I went digital due to a high volume of travel and the 
  lack of medium format film in the places I live...over the past eight 
  years, I've had to do without a really professional shop/lab. But, your 
  post gives me hope. I'm interested to know which scanner/printer combo 
  you're using. I'm currently in the printer market and have had my eyes 
  on the HP b9180. From everything I've read, it does a great job with 
  both prints and digital negatives.


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