[alt-photo] .. Restarting and new decisions... Need advice

Don Bryant donsbryant at gmail.com
Wed Dec 30 16:18:01 GMT 2009

Hello David,


1)     If your P/N55 is frozen then the chem. Pods are probably toast. I
have little hope for the P/N 55 product being resurrected, I can only hope
that a true SX-70 replacement can be made.

2)    Is the quality of a good drum scan from a 4x5 negative still so much
better than a digital camera?


David, IMO a good drum scan trumps digital sources, though at 11x14 sized
prints it might be hard to see. A digital back on a 4x5 camera can produce a
very high quality image though. A good flat bed scanner won't compete with a
drum scan either. Since you mentioned Leica S2 then I would recommend
Getdpi.com as a really good forum to discuss that camera as well as digital
backs. Those guys are very serious experienced users there and know what
they are talking about as well as being a nice rational forum to hang out.


If I could afford the M9 I would be very tempted. 


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Don Bryant


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