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Jeremy Moore jeremydmoore at gmail.com
Thu Apr 29 19:18:05 GMT 2010

I respectfully disagree as strongly as I can, Diana, and see no reason
for beginners to shy away from the process. Additionally, I print with
almost pure palladium. It's a lot less expensive.

On Thu, Apr 29, 2010 at 1:06 PM, Diana Bloomfield
<dhbloomfield at bellsouth.net> wrote:
> Well, I think beginners probably should shy away from the process.
> Diana
> On Apr 29, 2010, at 1:53 PM, Jeremy Moore wrote:
>> Eric,
>> The problem is the way he brings it up in the video it sounds like the
>> cost in materials to print one 11"x14" pt/pd print is $150. We're just
>> spitballing that maybe this cost is printing for others. Hearing a
>> figure like this makes beginners shy away from the process.
>> -Jeremy-
>> On Thu, Apr 29, 2010 at 10:30 AM, EJ Photo <ejnphoto at sbcglobal.net> wrote:
>>> Well, OK so you are trying to hold the guys feet to the fire when he is
>>> cost
>>> estimating an 11x14. The cost of a simple 11x14 will be a be variable
>>> depending on how you buy your paper, chemicals, pay for your power, etc.
>>> He may have been giving one , just a ball park figure to spend on
>>> negative,
>>> through to finished print.
>>> As for an hourly rate for printing, commercial photographers charge a
>>> good
>>> deal more than $50/hr. The skill set to be a high end printer is every
>>> bit
>>> as respectable as a shooter. As what ever you can work out to is OK. The
>>> work will speak for itself.  $150 for an 11x14 platinum may seem like a
>>> lot
>>> to you , but as a cost item, less than what I charge to make one.
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>>> I definitely understand costing out that high to print for others, but
>>> he mentions this in an instructional-esque video and doesn't qualify
>>> it at all.
>>> -Jeremy-
>>> On Thu, Apr 29, 2010 at 8:42 AM, Diana Bloomfield
>>> <dhbloomfield at bellsouth.net> wrote:
>>>> I agree, Loris.  I just happen to know a couple of people who
>>>> consistently
>>>> do some printing for others (again, not platinum printing), and knowing
>>> what
>>>> their material costs are for what they do, I know they charge more than
>>>> $50/hour, though they may not tell the client the cost per hour, or
>>>> break
>>> it
>>>> down that way for them.  People are better off, all the way around,
>>>> doing
>>>> their own printing-- if that's at all possible for them-- but that's
>>>> just
>>> my
>>>> thought.  I've done some printing for people before, and I did charge a
>>>> lot-- mainly because I felt it was a somewhat thankless job and it was
>>>> my
>>>> time--  but how much people are willing to pay for someone else to print
>>>> their work is always surprising to me. If the demand is there, you may
>>>> as
>>>> well charge what you can get (law of supply and demand).  I always think
>>>> about how much my dentist charges (which seems outrageous to me), and I
>>>> figure I'm as good at what I do as he is at what he does-- you know,
>>>> maybe
>>>> even better-- though I do have a few crowns that look really good.  Of
>>>> course, they should.  They cost me a small fortune.
>>>> Diana
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