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Thanks Rick.

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Well said,  Mark. 


On Jul 28, 2010, at 12:52 PM, ender100 at aol.com wrote:

> Hi Diana,
> I won't venture to comment on the creativity of your marital relationship, but 
I would like to comment about posting on the list and what is "appropriate."
> When I first came on the list I enjoyed lurking and gleefully read all the 
posts until one day the topic of Pyro came up and there were seemingly endless 
posts on the topic.  Since I did not use Pyro, it wasn't all that interesting 
and eventually I thought I would have to shoot myself if I read another post on 
the topic.  Later it was gum stain tests that tested my ability to maintain 
concentration.  However, since that time I've totally reversed my views on this 
> I feel at this point that there is a real need for tolerance on topics and 
even the quantity of posts on topics.  I am not saying that pissing matches on 
topics are appropriate, unless they are truly entertaining and witty.  True, 
every list has a few compulsive responders, but that is the nature of the human 
> Through the benevolence of people like Kees, Gord before him, and others, we 
have an alt photo list.  Beyond that, the list, in a sense, belongs to "the 
people"  and members should be able to post and discuss whatever they feel is 
relevant, as long as it is reasonably on topic.  Though, I do find that little 
anecdotes that people share about their personal lives, such as Chris's pink 
thongs, makes them more "real" and helps to fill in the blanks regarding who the 
list members are.
> I think posts about the art, the craft, and the science of alt photo should 
all be welcomed—I don't see that any one category should be considered less 
appropriate.  The recent molarity polarity discussions have been interesting to 
some and not so to others, but then what difference does that make.  Is there a 
topic that Everyone is passionate about and wants to discuss?  I doubt it.  
> Perhaps I am a bit sensitive to the issue of the "science" of alt photo being 
considered a silly topic in light of the Sarah Palin/Tea Party movement 
"ignorance of science and facts" is to be applauded—but then that is venturing 
off-topic.  As they always say, you have a Delete Key if you don't want to read 
a thread on the list.  We use our personal "delete key" all the time (without 
thinking about it twice) when we read the news, choose a book, watch television, 
and surf the web.
> I think that placing topics off bounds or silly does more to hurt the list 
than help the list.  It inhibits people.  The list had, I believe over 500 
members, of which only perhaps 10% posted regularly.  Why don't the rest of the 
members post?  Do they fear they will be laughed at or made fun of or branded 
wackos for venturing to post a thought or question that someone who posts 
frequently might criticize?  
> I say give peace a chance...ooops, wrong topic... I say give people a chance 
to express themselves freely on the list as long as they do it in a respectful 
fashion.  If they don't, the list owner can easily bounce them off, as Gord did 
in the past when "unnamed" persons pushed the rhetoric beyond the limits of 
respectful discourse.  Clearly a small percentage of people have an adolescent 
need either be the center of attention and will foment arguments just to remain 
there, or have past grudges that cause them to return to the list for revenge 
and to destroy the list—but they are easily deleted too by the list owners Big 
Delete Key in the Sky.  ;)
> OK, back to my closet.  
> Best Wishes,
> Mark Nelson
> www.PrecisionDigitalNegatives.com
> www.MarkINelsonPhoto.com
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