[alt-photo] Gum solution help needed

Trevor Cunningham trevor at chalkjockeys.com
Sat Aug 7 19:55:04 GMT 2010

I have a very fine gum powder and need a little direction in preparing 
the solution. I know I've asked a similar question before and Chris 
Anderson mentioned something about a blender. I made a solution a few 
months back when I bought the materials, but had a little sojourn in the 
States and it has since turned on me (no thymol access). When I prepared 
it, it came out very dark and murky, though I've heard this isn't much 
of an issue. But I can't help but wonder if I was doing something wrong 
in the first place. The product I have is Lobachemie (from India) Acacia 
powder...no other details.

I hate to post something so simple, but my resources are acutely limited 

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