[alt-photo] Re: Gum solution help needed

Philippe Berger mineurdecharbon at skynet.be
Sat Aug 7 20:05:13 GMT 2010

no tymol, to conserve the gum add one aspirine (french)
Asiprine on Google, you understand

It is esay and the result is perfect to conserve the gum

Philippe Berger
mineurdecharbon at skynet.be
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>I have a very fine gum powder and need a little direction in preparing the 
>solution. I know I've asked a similar question before and Chris Anderson 
>mentioned something about a blender. I made a solution a few months back 
>when I bought the materials, but had a little sojourn in the States and it 
>has since turned on me (no thymol access). When I prepared it, it came out 
>very dark and murky, though I've heard this isn't much of an issue. But I 
>can't help but wonder if I was doing something wrong in the first place. 
>The product I have is Lobachemie (from India) Acacia powder...no other 
> I hate to post something so simple, but my resources are acutely limited 
> here.
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