[alt-photo] Quadtone Rip printing problem

david drake daviddrakephoto at sympatico.ca
Wed Aug 11 21:15:48 GMT 2010

hello everyone,

I wonder if anyone else has had this problem with QTR for making digi- 
I have Mac and am running OS 10.5.8 and using a Epson 3800
I have been using QTR off and on for a little while but all of a  
sudden the QTR dialogue box isn't appearing for me. When I select  
Quad3800 in the print dialogue box, the option does not appear under  
I have re-installed the newest version of QTR as well as the newest  
driver for my 3800. I am running CS4 (which I installed a few months  
back but I have used with QTR).
In System Preferences: under Print and Fax, the Quad3800 appears in  
the printer list on the left; however, the 'Location' shows 'USB  
Printer' and the 'Kind' is blank.
I can't understand why the operating system can no longer find QTR  
when I want to print out of PS?

I have sent an email to Roy Harrington of QTR and awaiting response.  
Just thought I would also try this list.

thanks for your help,

david drake photography

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