[alt-photo] Re: Quadtone Rip printing problem

david drake daviddrakephoto at sympatico.ca
Fri Aug 13 01:52:20 GMT 2010

I've got it QTR up and working!
Thanks everyone for your replies.

Kees, I ended up re-installing QTR 2.7 again and it's fine now. I  
didn't use the uninstall program as it's apparently only for earlier  
versions of QTR but the manual does explain what needs to be manually  
deleted. I mistakingly did use the uninstall program the first time  
(which may have caused the problem).
Anyway, it's working!! Yippeee!


On 12-Aug-10, at 6:50 AM, Kees Brandenburg wrote:

>> I have re-installed the newest version of QTR as well as the newest  
>> driver for my 3800. I am running CS4 (which I installed a few  
>> months back but I have used with QTR).
>> In System Preferences: under Print and Fax, the Quad3800 appears in  
>> the printer list on the left; however, the 'Location' shows 'USB  
>> Printer' and the 'Kind' is blank.
> Hi David,
> This is not good. After 'Kind' it should mention: QuadToneRIP 2.7  
> Epson 3800
> Maybe you can correct this by going to 'options & supplies' en  
> select this driver from the pulldown menu.
> Did you simply upgrade QTR or did you uninstall it first? On the QTR  
> site you find the uninstaller: http://www.quadtonerip.com/html/QTRdownload.html
> Uninstall, then turn your printer on, and reinstall QTR 2.7
> You can get more help on the QTR yahoo list at:  http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/QuadtoneRIP/messages
> If nothing helps you can try Print Therapy, an application that can  
> solve most printing problems. On leopard you need this version: http://www.fixamacsoftware.com/software/pt6/index.php
> I hope this helps!
> kees
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