[alt-photo] Evil Black Spots on Arches Platine

D. Mark Andrews mark at dragonbones.com
Mon Aug 16 02:44:05 GMT 2010

So I've been trying to print a set of exhibition prints this past two weeks
and I'm at my wits end. Over half the sheets of Arches Platine are printing
with evil black spots. I've seen this before, but have never had this much
trouble. I'm told/read this is batch dependent, but a bit fearful of buying
another batch just to have the same problem. What a waste!

I really love this paper but feel at this point that I have to switch to
another. Any ideas? I'm printing 8x10 prints on 11x14 sheets of paper.
Bergger COT-320 seems to be impossible to find. Prefer something white/cool
in color. Fabriano Artistico and Rives BFK are a possibility, but not crazy
about them.

Has anyone tried Somerset satin? I think I have some on hand to test. It's
supposed to be ph neutral.


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