[alt-photo] Re: Evil Black Spots on Arches Platine

francis schanberger frangst at gmail.com
Mon Aug 16 04:12:07 GMT 2010

Try another lot (different bottle if buying premixed sol. #3) of palladium
or platinum and see if the problem persists on the same batch of paper.


On Sun, Aug 15, 2010 at 10:44 PM, D. Mark Andrews <mark at dragonbones.com>wrote:

> So I've been trying to print a set of exhibition prints this past two weeks
> and I'm at my wits end. Over half the sheets of Arches Platine are printing
> with evil black spots. I've seen this before, but have never had this much
> trouble. I'm told/read this is batch dependent, but a bit fearful of buying
> another batch just to have the same problem. What a waste!
> I really love this paper but feel at this point that I have to switch to
> another. Any ideas? I'm printing 8x10 prints on 11x14 sheets of paper.
> Bergger COT-320 seems to be impossible to find. Prefer something white/cool
> in color. Fabriano Artistico and Rives BFK are a possibility, but not crazy
> about them.
> Has anyone tried Somerset satin? I think I have some on hand to test. It's
> supposed to be ph neutral.
> Mark
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