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You mention curves. Be aware that it is a printing out process and does not
behave at all like developing out processes when it comes to sensitometry
and step wedges. The image builds from the blacks up so an underexposed
print make only have the lower zone blacks and no mid tones or highs which
may be shown, though very pale in a DOP process. It will look like a very
overly contrasty print. Early POP papers came in only one contrast grade and
to some extent contrast could be controlled by exposure. 


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Hi all,

Many thanks to Loris, Marek and all who advised me on the ziatype... here's
a little update. 

I had certain issues with papers and chemistry - they largely turned out to
be due to my inexperience in ziatype. I've been printing dozens of small
step tablet tests now, and gradually learned how humidity in the paper
should look and feel (don't need the acetate mylars any more). I also
learned "steam development" for papers that were exposed too dry. I mix
"creatively" the zia's different ingredients and am building curves for the
different emulsion mixes. But I still have a feeling about something being
wrong with my chemistry; I have some strange looking correction curves for

Anyway, on my blog you can see what I been doing lately. It may be boring
stuff though... all that playing with gray charts and such... ;)

- Jalo

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