[alt-photo] Re: Making Your own Carbon Paper (help on)

Kees Brandenburg workshops at polychrome.nl
Tue Aug 17 13:22:18 GMT 2010

Hello Peter,

Here are some links:

Andrea Zalme's site: http://www.andreazalme.com/
The Bostick and Sullivan carbon forum at: http://bostick-sullivan.invisionzone.com/index.php 
A pdf of The Bostick & Sullivan Book of Modern Carbon Printing: http://www.thecarbonworks.com/manual010810.pdf
Sandy King's carbon list http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/CarbronTransfer/messages

Halvor Bjørngård's: The Chiba System, a non toxic alternative to the dichromate processes: http://polychrome.nl/file_download/4/TheChibaSystem-HR.pdf
And If you read dutch you can download my carbon pdf at: http://polychrome.nl/file_download/22/workshopkooldruk.pdf


On 17 aug 2010, at 14:16, Peter Friedrichsen wrote:

> Hi,
> Wondering if anyone here is making their own carbon paper and may be willing to share their methods, or can point me to some resources. I wish to make my own to allow for control over the tone of the prints in carbon, and for general pigment substitution.
> Peter Friedrichsen
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