[alt-photo] gum curve question

henk thijs henk.thijs at hetnet.nl
Wed Aug 18 12:02:00 GMT 2010

Dear List,
Using the gum-curve via PDN to create digital negatives, the following question came up:
Cleaning 'old-analogue-stuff' i found still a lot of Arista APHS film, so i want to use it.
Making a digital positive and sandwich it with the APHS.
Now i was wondering about what curve to use: the one found with PDN making digital negs is based upon UV-blocking of the ink used by the printer, but for the sandwich 'normal' light is used to obtain the neg.
The question is what curve is to be used for the positive?
Now i tried the following : invert the positive, apply my 'PDN' curve, invert again, sandwich and the result is a APHS negative.
Gum looks ok, but before going in tri-color printing i am open for any suggestions :-)

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