[alt-photo] EBS - Update

D. Mark Andrews mark at dragonbones.com
Tue Aug 17 15:18:24 GMT 2010

Appreciate all the feedback regarding evil black spots and arches platine.

While looking for some Somerset Satin in my studio I found another batch of
platine which printed without EBSs so as suspected, it is a problem with the
paper. But I've decided to ban this paper for the most part from my work.
Looking at the dry-down from the day before yielded 20 wonderful prints, 13
with evil black spots. What a waste!

Marek, great suggestion, I actually picked up some Rising Stonehenge from my
local art store yesterday. Haven't tried it yet, but the smooth surface
feels similar to the platine and it is a similar color so I'm hoping for the
best. I'm also going to order some Somerset Satin.

While looking for paper I can across three sheets of a warmer, thinner paper
that I had ordered which I can't identify. I've sent a piece to Kerik in
hopes that he can since it had a post-it note saying Kerik likes this paper.
No watermark. I did a couple of quick test prints and really liked it, but
haven't seen them dry.

Since the pt/pd solution becomes one with the fibers I don't think you could
remove the EBSs without destroying the print, but I could be wrong.

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Rising Stonehenge is another paper that prints very well in palladium. The
paper is not very expensive so you might give it a try. Finished prints will
have some texture, which you might or might not like.
My supply is from two or three years ago and I do not know what the
"current" production looks like.

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