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Ron Reeder had a curve available for gel-silver digital negs which works 
great on Ilford paper. I would try that if it's still around at his site or 
by emailing him.

But I would say to try any old weak digital positive whether PDN or 
not...you'll know in 5 minutes whether the range looks good on the APHS 

BTW, I use APHS all the time here to make traditionally enlarged negatives. 
I use digital negs for tricolor, as well as to save time with the other 
processes, but there's nothing like a film neg for many reasons. It's the 
drudgery of the two-step wet process plus the ever-present dust problem that 
gets to you after a while...;-)


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> Hi Cor,
> Yes, i am aware of the problems, i used the film 'ages ago' with Dektol 
> ten times diluted, and i could use the results.
> But at that time i used interpositives made on Ilford multigrade - grade 0 
> or 1 when i remember well- , but now the interpositive is made by inkjet 
> printing, and my question was : what about the difference in 
> light-blocking . Is there some curve, or is it ok to make a fairly less 
> contrasty digital  positive.
> Just wondering about if the 'UV-light-inkjet-blocking' is also true for 
> 'normal light'.
> But ok, if i am wasting my time , i will contact you ..... but in what way 
> do you use the stuff?
> regards,
> Henk
> ps i will check the article; still a valuable source of information.
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> On 19 aug 2010, at 10:38, <C.Breukel at lumc.nl> <C.Breukel at lumc.nl> wrote:
>> Henk,
>> I think it will be hard to get a continuous scale/tone out of APHS film,
>> as you know this is a lith film, essentially black or clear, to get
>> continuous tone out of it you'll need something like LC-1 developer, and
>> even than you'll get a somewhat weird curve (I believe they are in a
>> small article I wrote once for Judy's JPFP journal), so I think it will
>> be hard to "transfer" the digital curve to the film curve..
>> Best,
>> Cor,
>> Ps if you want to throw the film away I would gladly take it..;-)..
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