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I've had exactly the same effect with COT 320... I was wondering what the heck is going on... this paper used to work beautifully!? It happened both with my vandykes and ziatypes:


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For what it's worth, I had given up on Platine five or six years ago after receiving two batches that suffered from a bad sizing job. The pt/pd sensitizer would soak right through the paper in spots, almost like the Platine had been splashed with something during the sizing process. Martin Axon suggested the move to Bergger Cot 320 at the time and I've never had a problem since. Yes, the Bergger is more expensive but just how many bad prints do you want to make in the quest to save a few bucks?

Last week I taught a workshop at Anderson Ranch and they purchased Platine because they couldn't find a source for the Cot 320. And just like many on this list have noted, the friggin' Platine had those stinking black spots in almost every sheet. It would take quite a run of good reports on the Platine before I'd be tempted to move back to the stuff.

By the way, who DOES have the Cot 320 in stock right now?

Just my $0.02.


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