[alt-photo] Re: exhibition in the UK

Mary gneissgirl at icehouse.net
Thu Aug 26 16:19:39 GMT 2010

  I'm apparently having trouble sending messages to the list, so here's 
another try:

Congratulations on the show, and for having one of your gumprints on the 
front page of the web announcement! I think "Great Catch" would have to 
be on my list of favorites of all time.

I'd also like to thank you "out loud" in this forum for the fantastic 
workshop at Photographer's Formulary earlier this month. Wow. What an 
intense experience. I came away with renewed enthusiasm for gum printing 
and a few year's worth of ideas to try out. You did a wonderful job of 
handling a large group and really packing in a lot of information in a 
short time. I'm still catching my breath but still on a high from that 
few short days - not even a week.  It was a great group and everyone 
came away with excellent work!  What a blast!


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