[alt-photo] Re: The Art of the Photo Archive

douglas collins dougcollins99 at gmail.com
Thu Aug 26 23:25:22 GMT 2010

Hello all -

Francis has mentioned he's in this excellent book, by Roger Kockaerts and
Johan Swinnen.  It can be ordered quite easily at ASP Editions, whose
English page for the book is here:


The ISBN is 978-90-5487-5406 and the price is 39.95 euros.  Kockaerts has
been a major Belgian advocate of historical processes for many years.  It's
worth visiting his shop/gallery at Atelier pH7; their web site is
http://www.permadoc.be.  If you want, you can even call him up - his cell is
douglas collins
cell 646-678-0172

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