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Congratulations for the book Roger! (Also, congratulations to all artists
included in the book...)


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Dear list members,

Thank you for mentioning my latest publication in Dutch. As already
mentioned there are a number of works by some of our alt practitioners as
well as a some of my own work in the book.

Jerry Spagnoli (USA) page 115, Rinus Ortelee (NL) page 119 and Grant Romer
page 120 for the daguerreotype Karel van Gerven (BE) page 138 for the salt
print James  Reilly (USA) page 151 for the albumen print Mark Osterman
(USA)page 178 and France Scully (USAà page 1836 for the ambrotype Louis
Bacou (FR) page 225 for handcoated gelatin zilver Michel Medinger (LU) page
288 and Francis Schanberger (USAà page 291 for cyanotype Stane Kocar (Le)
page 298 and Michel Medinger (LU) page 300 for Van Dyke Marek Matusz (USA)
page 303 for Chrysotype Louis Bacou (FR) page  320 and Ginger Sheridan (USA)
page 340 for platinum-palladium Christian Nze (FR) page 325 and Sam Wang
page  329 for palladium Paul Steinitz (FR) page 331 for platinum Marek
Matusz (USA/ page 348 and 350 for Satista Hamish Stewart (GB/ page 364 and
Christina Anderson (USA) page  367 for gum Philippe Berger (BE) page 369 and
Dick Sullivan (USA) page 375 for carbon Bernard Fresson (FR) page 408 for
Fresson print Emmet Gowen (USA) page  479 for EverColor

Thanks to all of you for your kind words;

Roger Kockaerts

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