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I got a friend into alt process by asking him to bring a medium format negative when we met for lunch.  I put the negative in a small printing frame with a piece of sensitized cyanotype paper.  We left the frame in the sun while we ate lunch - I covered it when I thought it was exposed.

After lunch we went inside and 'developed" the print in a drinking fountain.  He thought it was the coolest thing.  I had him "hooked"

It would be an interesting thing to try if you have easy access to UV light.  If not you could pre-expose it.

I also teach a 2 day workshop on pinhole cameras and alternative processes.  I emphasize how simple and easy it is to produce large format negatives and big prints with these tools.  I really like showing people the "magic"of exposing and processing a print.  My workshop participants are always astounded the first time they see a print exposed and developed.

I would suggest trying to demonstrate something really simple.


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> G'Day Y'All!!!
> Still lurking & learning here. :o)
> I have a bit of a dilemma happening right now. During the tea 
> break at
> my camera club one night, the conversation got turned to the history
> of photography and the "old-fashioned" print processes (which WE know
> as alt). And my big mouth went & did it again. I said something about
> doing pinhole & cyanotypes & gum, and before I knew what hit me, 
> I had
> been booked as the September workshop speaker!!!! I now have to fill
> about 30-45 minutes on the joys of pinhole & cyano  other 
> "esoteric"processes. LOL! Me & my big mouth!
> Seriously, though, I don't mind "spreading the word". Just not sure
> what to talk about. When I asked, some wanted the history part & some
> wanted processes. *SIGH* I'm asking those of you with more experience
> than I have, just how the hairy-heck do I do that?????? :oO
> (*whimper*)
> Oh, and do you guys mind if I borrow some of your images from 
> the net
> to use on the night? They'll only be shown to about 20 or so 
> peeps &
> for the one time only (as far as I know) on a projected presentation.
> Just wanted some examples of processes that I don't work in to show.
> The workshop night is Sept 6, so ANY ideas would be appreciated.
> Thanks in Advance
> Sally Makeham
> http://www.snmakeham.com
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