[alt-photo] Re: Multiple impression pigment prints by Richard Benson

sam wang samwang864 at gmail.com
Tue Aug 31 13:59:08 GMT 2010

I agree that the prints would have to be seen to be fully appreciated.

At one time Benson was printing monochrome with an offset press,  
running same piece of paper through it 7 times (I think, maybe a lot  
more), each time with very slight change of color. The subtlety in the  
transitional tones were truly amazing, and had to be seen up close in  
order to be appreciated.

Not too different from the "old timers" who printed 20 layers of gum  
to get a finished monochrome print I suppose.


On Aug 30, 2010, at 6:37 PM, Loris Medici wrote:

> Risking to look blunt/slow, but I have to ask: What's the point? (I
> mean what's in there that can't be done in a single pass? Maybe I
> should look the prints in person to understand...)
> Regards,
> Loris.
> P.S. Interesting images BTW...
> 2010/8/31 Paul Viapiano <viapiano at pacbell.net>:
>> Don,
>> I haven't seen them but there is an interview where he talks a bit  
>> about
>> them. He re-engineered an Epson printer to register multiple passes
>> accurately...
>> If I can find the link, I'll post it...
>> Paul
>> PS...I tried multi-pass printing with my Epson and older Canon with  
>> duotones
>> and tritones with good results. I think I remember that the cheaper  
>> Canon
>> did a better job than my 3800 with the re-register.
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>>> I wonder if anyone in this group has seen any of the multiple  
>>> impression
>>> pigment prints by Richard Benson such as like the one shown here:
>>> http://www.pacemacgill.com/richardbenson-9-2.html
>>> Thanks,
>>> Don Bryant
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