[alt-photo] Re: Multiple impression pigment prints by Richard Benson

Don Bryant donsbryant at gmail.com
Tue Aug 31 01:41:41 GMT 2010

Loris and Paul,

OK, I think I found something:
(Don't have time to download and watch, have to go to bed... Will look
at this tomorrow morning.)

It's an interesting video that I've seen before. At some point in the video
Benson and Jardine remark that the prints must be seen in person to
appreciate the prints subtleties and uniqueness of color reproduction, so
looking at online versions apparently fall far short depicting the true
color of the work.

One of the little things I picked up on in the discussion of how the prints
are created is that CMYK separations are generated in PS but only CMY
components are used to print the image (I think that is correct though I
could be misunderstanding the discussion) and the final prints have no
blacks and perhaps no pure white. At any rate the discussion about Benson's
prints are relatively brief and the video degenerates into other esoteric
type discussions about photography and print making.



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