[alt-photo] Rising Stonehenge Flaw?

Eric Neilsen ejnphoto at sbcglobal.net
Fri Dec 24 00:02:06 GMT 2010

I have been printing from a stash of 22x30 paper and have a need to make
bigger prints; 24 x30. I ordered up some 30x44 paper from Daniel Smith and
it has like a waffer board flake issue.  Throughout the paper the coating is
soaking in unevenly. Anyone else using this paper and have a good lot number
to share?

This is the 245 gm/m2 White. 

Posted a sample of image - still wet in tray

Three shots - close up with and without areas circled in orange. 

It also seemed to be a bit more absorbent than I was counting on. 

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