[alt-photo] Re: Vertical Banding in Prints Produced from Digital Negatives

Amy Holmes George amyhgeorge at hotmail.com
Sun Feb 21 16:40:13 GMT 2010

Hi Greg,
Yes thankfully, I'm using the full color set of inks . . . 

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> Subject: [alt-photo] Re: Vertical Banding in Prints Produced from Digital	Negatives
> Hey Amy,
> How many inks are you using?  Just black or full color set?  I have found 
> banding to occur if only using one or two inks... hard to see with your 
> eyes.. but the subtle differences in the UV absorption of each ink can cause 
> the banding on your print when they are blended by the printer.  I had this 
> happen when using just the yellow and black inks in a QTR profile for my 
> Epson R260(since the other inks in the set didn't show much ability to 
> absorb UV in my tests).  But the sum was greater than the parts and I ended 
> up eliminating the problem by using profiles that used all 6 inks.
> Greg
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> Hello all,
> I would gladly welcome any suggestions you may have regarding a recurring 
> issue. I am printing digital negatives on Pictorico transparency film (Ultra 
> Premium) with an Epson 3800 for use with pt/pd on COT 320 (and exposing in a 
> Nuarc). For some reason, I am seeing a predictable pattern of vertical bands 
> visible only in flat areas of high value such as the sky (please refer to 
> attached jpg). This banding is not visible in the negative?even under 
> magnification, and it is not specific to any one image. To me, the only 
> logical explanation is my printer. So, I have performed a nozzle check, head 
> cleaning and head alignment, but all the test results indicate no problems. 
> I have even wiped down the interior according to the Epson printer manual 
> instructions, and still the problem persists. What could cause this banding? 
> I am out of ideas and feeling rather frustrated . . . help!?
> Thank you,Amy 
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