[alt-photo] Re: Alt-photo-process-list Digest, Vol 294, Issue 1

Andy Schmitt awschmitt at embarqmail.com
Thu Nov 4 13:54:07 GMT 2010

WOW...You got them to give up the secret formula... You ARE good!

We've used this at Peters Valley Craft Center off and on for years & it
works pretty well.
Please make sure what ever you're coating is clean...really clean....
& have a great time. I know your students will..
(try it in a pinhole camera...)
Andy Schmitt


Message: 2
From: Christina Anderson <zphoto at montana.net>
Subject: [alt-photo] Re: tintype
OK finally talked with Rockland. I called sales and not technical help--that
was the trick :)

Packet 1. Dektol
Packet 2. sodium sulfate
Sol 3. IS 50% ammonium thiocyanate.

So we'll see how it goes tomorrow with 18 students learning this process at
once--with digital contact negatives no less :) Chris

PS Etienne, I reread your post and now realize you did know it was all mixed
together--sorry for the confusion of my last post. But what you said seems
accurate given what I have seen of tintypes and their characteristic
whiteish appearance. Thanks.

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