[alt-photo] Flatter than pure palladium?

Jon Reid jon at sharperstill.com
Mon Oct 4 05:05:45 GMT 2010

Hi all,

I did some initial test prints yesterday with a negative I've been a  
little concerned about since shooting. Extremely big subject  
brightness range. Link to picture is:

Despite how it looks in the quick scan I did the majority of the  
billboard is pure paper white. I used a pure palladium mix (8 drops  
Fo, 9 drops Pd - 5x7 pyro developed Tri-X neg) developed in Sodium  
Citrate 40℃.

I'm happy with the subtle separation between lower sky and trees but  
would ideally even reduce exposure slightly. So, as the subject line  
indicates, I'm keen to know if there is any way of further reducing  
contrast or any other ideas that might see me realising a print of  
this negative.


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