[alt-photo] Re: Flatter than pure palladium?

etienne garbaux photographeur at nerdshack.com
Mon Oct 4 07:55:28 GMT 2010

Jon wrote:

>I'm keen to know if there is any way of further reducing  contrast 
>or any other ideas that might see me realising a print of  this negative.

The classic method is to use contrast masks sandwiched with the 
negative.  That would be particularly useful here, because (to my 
eye, from the digital version) it appears that all that needs to be 
masked is the billboard.  Note that I'm talking "real" (sharp, not 
unsharp) contrast masks.

Alternatively, you could try a super-proportional reducer on the 
negative, which (if done right) should do exactly what you need.  I 
used to do this all the time back in the day, so I was in practice 
and generally got it right.  You will want to experiment a bit with 
step tablet negatives before you commit your image negative, if you 
go this way.

Best regards,


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