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Rafael Frota theesilvermtzion at gmail.com
Sat Oct 9 22:03:28 GMT 2010

It´s a  great honour talk to you. Let me explain
I´m doing some experiences with light sensitive emulsions, looking for a
cheap and easy method for "printmaking without a press".
Temperaprint has all the qualities for this porpouse. Here in Brazil we
don’t have too much access to many features and we have to improvise.
Everything here is expensive.
I have 2 kinds of works: photogravures and drawings. For the drawing, I use
a scratched transparency, and for photos I use halftone screen (100lpi).
I need to print these negatives in a paper using a cheap process like
temperaprint. But I need do it in a single coat.
As I use "trace negatives" (hatch and dots) I don´t need tones but only one
solid and deep black.
I use a negatoscope as UV light source. For a pale black, it´s about 20 min.
For a strong black, I didn´t get it even in 1h! When I wash the paper (using
the foam roller), the emulsion is washed away letting only a ghost. The
emulsion is too delicate to wash with the roller but too heavy to use a
spray bottle.
So, is there any way to make a dense black? About 3h sun exposure? :))

Thanx a LOT!

Rafael Frota

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hello Rafael

The problem of the amount of pigment in the mixture is that as you  
load more and more in, the the coating will become heavier and have  
more contrast. Beyond 5 parts of egg mix to 1 part of pigment, the  
number of tones reduces and the detail becomes more crude.

Are you using the Temperaprint on a clear base (effectively using the  
light stopping properties of the Temperaprint coating), to create a  
further image on another base with the temperaprint, or are you using  
an existing image on a clear base to print an image with the  

If you are just laying a coat that you are going to draw into then  
the amount of pigment to the egg mix is not really an issue until  
there is not enough egg to bind the pigment together. Up to that  
point I would suggest more exposure


On 9 Oct 2010, at 21:28, Rafael Frota wrote:

> Hello
> As I said, I´m doing some experiences with temperaprints. I work with
> photogravures and now I´m  trying to use temperaprints as “cliché  
> verre”
> like this:
> http://www.spamula.net/blog/i42/schulz3.jpg
> I need a single coat with a very (or almost) deep black in to get  
> it, but
> when I use lots of pigment, the emulsion doesn´t get hard enough.
> Any ideas?
> Thanx
> Rafael Frota
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