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Thanks all of you for these answers. I just assumed stainless would be sort of impervious, except, of course, with mordancage, and since it is really a moot point because I think I've only used one or two stainless trays in my life and never at my home or work, I would not have an opportunity to disprove this false assumption. So I am glad I asked the question!
Christina Z. Anderson

On Sep 1, 2010, at 8:41 AM, Eric Neilsen wrote:

> Chris, there are some things that are true and this is no myth. Coating
> brushes with metal in the construction is asking for "seasoning" by your
> solutions as well contamination of your coating. Plastic and glass are best
> to use around pt/pd and for my money; all alt processes. In an educational
> environment, I'd go with plastic for the safety of less dexterous
> individuals. (breakage). 
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> Dear All,
> Well, start to a new school year and I am never fully ready.
> I was going through old magazine articles preparing for class and came
> across a funny article from Darkroom Photography (1987) where photographers
> shared their darkroom nightmares. In there, George Tice shared a story about
> mixing platinum in a stainless steel tank, and that the chemistry reacted
> with the iron in the stainless stell and not only badly pitted the stainless
> steel tank but also he had to have a chemist remove the iron chemically from
> the platinum solution to salvage it.
> George Tice is an inveterate platinum printer. I have not heard this. I was
> wondering if anyone else has experienced this?
> Chris
> Christina Z. Anderson
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