[alt-photo] Re: I know, another sizing question

Loris Medici mail at loris.medici.name
Thu Sep 9 08:56:18 GMT 2010

Paul, with gum, you were using negatives calibrated for pt/pd, right?
I'm asking because I can't print 3-5 layers on Artistico w/o stain,
with any of the 8-9 pigments I have on hands, and I use digital
negatives calibrated for trad. cyanotype. Maybe you can do it because
you use high DR negatives - which makes the difference along with the
pigments you use... I may try using negatives calibrated for vandyke
if that's the case. Even I don't find sizing too much extra work, it
would be good to eliminate an extra step...

2010/9/9 Paul Viapiano <viapiano at pacbell.net>:
> Trevor,
> Have you tried gum printing without sizing?
> I do it all the time with Fabriano paper...works like a charm, 3-5 layers,
> crisp, clean whites, no problems.

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