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Jacques Augustowski py1hy at terra.com.br
Thu Sep 9 14:43:04 GMT 2010


As I can recall someone said something about aspirin, I prefer mercuric 
chloride, although extremely toxic, I prefer this than swimming with  

On 09-Sep-10 2:40 AM, Trevor Cunningham wrote:
>  Disclaimer: I am aware that some prefer not to tolerate beginners in 
> this forum, so humor or ignore me then if you have such regard.
> Situation: Plain and simple, I have gelatin resources up to my 
> armpits, but no access to glyoxal/formalin/formaldehyde unless I steal 
> it from work which I won't even consider. This is for gum printing, by 
> the way.
> Potential solutions with my limited available resources (Saudi Arabia 
> isn't heavy on the art supply front):
>    * Katherine Thayer has a reassuring article indicating that, with
>      some attention to clearing highlights with hot water, unhardened
>      gelatin is really not an issue. While I like this, and DON'T wish
>      to start an argument here over this topic, I have other factors to
>      consider below before I decide how to proceed.
>    * I have ample access to gesso. But having used it with cyanotypes,
>      wishes there was a way to seal it as much as possible to limit its
>      mixture with the emulsion. With the unusual infatuation with
>      powdered milk here, casein seems to be exceptionally cheap to come
>      by. I remember seeing mention of using casein with gesso, any
>      thoughts?
>    * I have a bag of Gamblin rabbit skin glue that I purchased in lieu
>      of the PVA product with consideration to air travel. Has anyone
>      used this glue as a size?
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