[alt-photo] Re: Egg-tempera as primer for impermeable surfaces

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You experienced cracking with gelatin?  Streaking, maybe (and the reason why
I double coat), but I've never seen cracking.  In fact, the surface is so
hard that I find it impossible to remove remove from the aluminum.

I haven't followed any threads here - only bursting in when my name was
mentioned.  How is the tempera prepared?

On Thu, Sep 30, 2010 at 7:15 AM, Loris Medici <mail at loris.medici.name>wrote:

> Thanks,
> That didn't work for me the way I like it; I want a streak and crack free
> surface and - relatively - quick operation.
> Now, tempera's interesting (and I'm going to try it) because it's very
> sticky, dries very fast and can be hardened w/o dichromate or formaldehyde;
> I plan to use isopropyl alcohol to harden it. (A liter per USD 1.50 here
> and
> I plan to recycle many times...) Sounds pretty practical - if it happens to
> work, of course!
> Regards,
> Loris.
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> Hi Loris,
> I have not tried egg tempera.  The gelatin mix I use has served me well.
> Mix is up as if you were going to size paper, but include the marble dust
> and apply two coats.
> Good luck!
> On Thu, Sep 30, 2010 at 3:18 AM, Loris Medici <mail at loris.medici.name
> >wrote:
> > In any case, you've just led me to re-consider egg-tempera for quite a
> > different purpose:
> >
> > I have 20-30 sheets of thin (0.2mm / ca. 8mils) aluminum sheets that I
> > want to put tricolor gum images on top of them. (They're were waiting
> > my attention for more than 3-4 years...) Maybe I can put a couple of
> > dichromate hardened egg-tempera layers colored (white) with titanium
> > dioxide + marble dust mixture as a primer! (Matte and absorbent
> > surface - of egg-tempera paintings - hints me high chances of
> > success...) Wow! It would be great if that works; the other methods
> > I've tried didn't gave me the results I want (not necessarily because
> > they're bad methods - could be due to my own incompetence!), or were
> > too cumbersome / messy for my liking.
> >
> > Keith (if you're reading), I have to ask you (as the master of
> > printing on unconventional surfaces): Have you tried this before? Your
> > criticism can save me time / frustation... (TIA!)
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