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Christina Anderson zphoto at montana.net
Tue Apr 12 14:03:17 GMT 2011


I did not buy my casein powder from Kremer, just my two forms of liquid casein. I was able to get samples of sodium and ammonium which I mixed with no added alkali. I wanted to compare apples to apples in the mixing. Ammonium does get thinner after a few days and I am waiting to see if sodium does, too. And how sodium performs compared to ammonium. Ammonium is thin enough to use right off the bat, though, after the foam subsides, whereas sodium is too thick to use in that equivalent time period. I am not drawing any conclusions here at all, and know that Sam Wang always used the sodium form. I guess my only conclusion is the two forms are not apples to apples in practice, and if I were to use sodium right off the bat I would have to dilute further than 10%.

BTW I have been testing casein with an added tube of watercolor pigment now and there is a gloss. It is amazing how much that little bit of gum arabic changes the look when it is only 6% of it.

Christina Z. Anderson

On Apr 11, 2011, at 11:37 PM, Alberto Novo wrote:

> Chris, 
>> You can buy the caseinate from Kremer premixed or in powder form, here:
>> http://kremerpigments.com/shopus/index.php?lang=ENG&list=0210
> Kremer sells only pure casein and casein/borax glue.
> Did you prepare your ammonium caseinate following their recipe in
> http://kremer-pigmente.de/Texte/casein.pdf ? 
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